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UK student mission to Mars takes off

11 April 2013

March the MARSBalloon mission launched over 120 student experiments designed to test how everyday objects will survive on Mars from Oakfield Academy in Frome. This is the final stage of a unique project aimed to encourage young people to take up careers in the UK space industry.

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SEA to provide input into a £5 million research contract

10 April 2013

SEA, a Cohort PLC company has been awarded a contract by Roke Manor Research Limited (a Chemring Group company) to support a three-year, £5 million research programme for the UK Government's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl).

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SEA space engineer talks to BBC ahead of Stargazing live

17 January 2013

14 January, 2013, Bristol: As a warm up for BBC 2’s Stargazing Live, which started again on 8 January 2013, reporter Jules Hyam, of BBC Points West, interviewed Mike Guest, a Senior Engineer at SEA (a Cohort plc company), to find out about what work the company is doing in the UK’s satellite programme. Jules commented that satellites are built to look back at Earth, and they are full of equipment, some of which is being designed right here in Bristol, for the next UK space mission.

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SEA delivers DESKsim to the royal Norwegian Navy

05 December 2012

SEA, a Cohort PLC company, has delivered the latest, third generation Flight Deck Officer Training System (DECKsim) to the Royal Norwegian Naval Training Establishment (RNoNTE). This particular DECKsim now includes the latest gesture recognition technology and updated scenario builder.

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SEA wins supply chain award for astute work

21 November 2012

The SC21 programme, led at a national level by ADS, is designed to accelerate the competitiveness of the aerospace and defence industry by raising the performance of its supply chains. The achievement of the Bronze Award recognises that a business has implemented a sustainable improvement programme and that it has attained a high level of customer satisfaction through measureable on-time delivery and quality. SEA’s award relates in the main, to the work it has undertaken for BAE Systems designing and producing the External Communications System (ECS) for the Astute Class submarine. As a sub-contractor to BAE Systems, SEA is the first BAE Combat Systems-sponsored company to achieve the SC21 Award.

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SEA awarded £10 million defence science and technology research contract

24 July 2012

SEA has been awarded a four year, £10 million research contract by the UK Government's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory.

Paper Planes

Students' paper planes launched from the edge of space

28 June 2012

On 28th June 2012 a team of students aged 7 to 11 from Bailey’s Court School in Bristol, assisted by space engineers from SEA (a Cohort plc company), successfully released one hundred unique ‘paper space planes’ from the stratosphere; the edge of space. The project was undertaken to encourage young people to consider careers in engineering. Each plane was designed, tested and decorated individually by the high-flying team of students. The planes were lifted inside a giant helium balloon that protected them from the weather. The balloon, carrying a payload of cameras and a GPS tracker, was launched by the students from SEA’s Beckington Castle site near Frome.

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Parking enforcement underway in Bristol

03 February 2012

Bristol City Council's ROADflow Mobile system has commenced enforcement duties.

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Further ECS work on astute class submarines for SEA

05 December 2011

SEA, part of Cohort plc, is pleased to announce that it has been selected by BAE Systems to provide two additional External Communication Systems (ECS) for the Royal Navy's Astute class of submarine. The work is valued at over £9m in total and will be carried out over the next 42 months. Detailed contract negotiations continue, with full contract award to follow. The work is additional to SEA's contract for ECS infrastructure for Audacious announced in April 2010.


A sharp eye on the world's weather

28 July 2011

SEA is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the maintenance contract for EUMETSAT’s ASCAT Calibration Transponders.