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  • SEA clearly values Project Management as a profession. I have been impressed with the importance SEA places on recognising the challenges faced by Project Managers and supporting and developing the skills needed to address those challenges.

  • SEA has all the benefits of a small company, but with the interesting and engaging work opportunities of a large company.

    Since joining SEA, I’ve had the chance to work within a wide spectrum of environments, with each presenting unique challenges and opportunities to learn. Given the number of large contracts that have been recently awarded, SEA is able to offer me both long term job security and opportunities for personal development.

  • Since joining SEA in February I have been made to feel part of a large and successful team being involved in all different aspects of team projects.

    SEA is a very professional and caring company and you really do feel that you matter as an individual. I have learnt a lot of different secretarial / IT skills and have had very good mentors, whilst still being able to deliver a high standard of receptionist skills to the company. The staff are all very friendly and have made me feel very welcome. I feel like I have worked here for 6 years and not 6 months! There is plenty of scope to progress throughout SEA and broaden your horizons.

  • SEA has presented me with endless opportunities and encouragement since I started work here 8 months ago. I feel SEA listen to your aspirations and are keen to hear your ideas and opinions. The work at SEA is very interesting, they offer a diverse mix of teams to learn from and get involved with. Since being at SEA I have led several technical projects and been involved in the bid process. I feel SEA was the right choice for me, SEA really value their staff and staff of all levels are very friendly and approachable and know you by your name. I would definitely recommend a career at SEA; it has boosted my confidence and CV greatly in just 8 months

  • I was employed by SEA in a support role to the company, having come from outside the industry I was expecting the usual things no offer letter, “in the post” no desk etc. How wrong could I be, all received before start date, desk all set up, phone ready and business cards in two weeks. SEA really does care about its employees and a work life balance; I look forward to further growth and a long and successful career with SEA.

  • I joined SEA direct from university and am one of a number of long serving employees. Over the years SEA has presented me with numerous exciting and challenging opportunities, enabling me to develop my career and take on a senior role within the company.