Senior Project Manager (Research)

  • Department: Maritime Defence
  • Job Location: Beckington
  • Reports to: Head of Research
  • Type: Permanent


As Senior Project Manager, you will manage exciting and cutting edge projects in both the Land and Maritime domains within the SEA Research division.

You will deliver business excellence by engendering a shared motivating purpose focused on the achievement of agreed goals, ensuring successful delivery of project deliverables and milestones and creating team spirit.

Job Role

  • Deliver assigned projects to the required level of quality, on time and to cost
  • Actively manage project risks, taking input from a range of sources including technical team members
  • Establish close working relationships with existing customers in a way that facilitates the delivery of existing projects and encourages the opportunity for follow on business
  • Engage with and motivate the project team to implement effective approaches for each phase of the development life-cycle
  • Support Bid Managers in accordance with their requirements in compliance with the Company Management System
  • Schedule and attend Bid Reviews and Pricing and Approval meetings as
  • Assist as required in the delivery and receipt for the Bid documentation at the specified place by the specified date and time
  • Contribute to the Research customer engagement plan to promote SEA reputation and identify new opportunities
  • Engage with Research customers and stakeholders (including other SEA divisions) to develop new opportunities
  • Contribute to Research Marketing plan and assist in developing the Research Strategy

Experience Required


  • Track record of managing and delivering projects to a high standard and one time 
  • Ability to work with industry, military and academia
  • Must have worked with or alongside military customers
  • Land and Maritime Domain knowledge


  • Experience of managing and writing bids
  • Army or Navy work experience. Could be either serving military or civil servant
  • Working knowledge of Defence Science and Technology Laboratory