External Communication System

SEA’s common External Communication System is in service with the UK Royal Navy and will be fitted to all in-service and planned submarines.

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Key Benefits

  • Open architecture enables low cost upgrade and replacement of system elements
  • Easy integration of legacy, current and future communications devices
  • Reduced operator workload and training burden

SEA’s common communications architecture is the future of naval communications. Designed to meet the demanding requirements for external communications in the naval environment, it is based on an open architecture system, using products that have been proven at sea by the UK Royal Navy.

The External Communication System is a modular, reconfigurable system utilising open interfaces and standards. It can be added as part of an upgrade or as the core of a new communications system on both ships and submarines.

We are continually developing the system to ensure it can exploit new technologies and so provide system improvements and enhanced capability.  We deliver complete External Communications Systems, which include embedded network solutions that provide legacy, current and future equipment sub-system integration, configuration, control and monitoring.

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SEA offers communications and network system development for military and commercial applications offering:

  • Specialised communications equipment development
  • Open systems
  • Communications equipment integration, configuration, control and monitoring
  • Information solutions for distributed data sources
  • Communications systems engineering

SEA develops network systems for the integration, configuration, control and monitoring of communications equipment. Our solutions use open architectures, are COTS based and are open standards compliant.

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