Integrated Acoustic Sensors - Miniature Line Array Triplet Sensor

A high quality integrated acoustic sensor consisting of three equi-spaced, miniature, high performance hydrophones.

Performance hydrophones and pre-amplifiers

The integration of miniature high performance hydrophones and pre-amplifiers within a lightweight protective bulkhead, and a novel central chassis mounting system makes this sensor suitable for thin line array systems with diameters down to 28mm.

The JS-TRI32-SWC is supplied as standard fitted with a rigid polymer bulkhead. For applications where bulkhead robustness is a high priority, it may be procured in Aluminium or Titanium.

Performance hydrophones and pre-amplifiers

Key Features

  • High Sensitivity, wideband output
  • Low noise, low power, high gain differential pre-amplification
  • Acceleration cancelled response
  • Snap fit micro connectors
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Lightweight protective bulkhead – 24mm Diameter


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