Radar Simulator

A high performance Radar Stimulator/Simulator for complex scenarios.

Stimulate radar display and track extractor equipments

The SEA Radar Stimulator/Simulator (RSS) is a high performance system that allows users to stimulate radar display / track extractor equipments with video and azimuth signals in response to complex scenarios that can be input either remotely or locally.

The Radar Stimulator / Simulator is derived from LARSIM, developed by SEA for the UK Ministry of Defence. LARSIM is deployed at the T23 Shore Integration Facility (SIF), Land Based Test Site (LBTS), Portsdown. It forms part of the complex and comprehensive system at the SIF, to provide a representative and real time simulation of the Radar T1007 and RRB equipment. The LARSIM contribution to this system is to provide stimulation, by the generation and distribution of T1007 / RRB interface signals, in place of the antenna inputs. This is done either under control of the Scenario Generator (SG), via the Scenario Generator Highway (SGH) or by the use of locally generated scenarios.

Stimulate radar display and track extractor equipments

Tracks & Virtual Playing Area

The virtual 3D playing area can support hundreds of simulated tracks. A collection of tracks, their characteristics and their movements are referred to as a scenario. Scenarios can be sent to the RSCU from the RSCT via an Ethernet link, or via an external scenario controller. Tracks are characterised by the following information

  • Track Type
  • X,Y & Z Position
  • X,Y & Z Velocity
  • Other platform characteristics such as transponder information

The scenario also provides the information about the radar host (i.e. the platform on which the radar is mounted). The stimulator will control the movement of each track in the scenario. This is calculated from track movement vectors generated as part of the scenario and the movement of the radar host. All track movements are time stamped ensuring that a track does not move until it is the correct time to do so; this provides deterministic and repeatable scenario runs.

Key Features

The Radar Stimulator/Simulator system is a marked free standing system and comprises two sub-systems, which are interfaced through an Ethernet link:

  • The Radar Stimulator / Simulator Control Unit (RSCU) - 19" rack mounted assembly
  • The Radar Stimulator / Simulator Control Terminal (RSCT). - COTS PC, Monitor, Removable Hard Drive, Keyboard and Mouse.

Key Features

  • RSCU Functionality

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