Celebrating Claire this Armed Forces Week

25 Jun 2021

This Armed Forces Week, we are celebrating our colleagues who have served in the Armed Forces and asking them to look back on what they gained from their experience.

Claire Moir joined the Territorial Army in the Barnstaple Based Royals Wessex Yeomanry where she trained as a signaller and driver. Following this experience, she decided to join the Army where she was positioned within the Intelligence Corps and trained as an Intelligence Analyst. After a number of years, Claire made the decision to return to civilian life and whilst she found the transition relatively straight forward, she did miss the feeling of being part of a bigger purpose.

“My experience in the Army taught me not to take the little things for granted – food, accommodation; it’s all relative to the situation you are in at the time. The skills I learned and the compassion I felt from my time in the Army will stay with me. My husband is an ex-royal marine, and he found the transition fairly tough. Thankfully, I could support him through it as I understood both lifestyles.”

Following a completely different path working in the world of recruitment, Claire went on to run her own business before joining SEA in early 2021. She has proved to be an invaluable member of the HR team through her determination, focused attitude, and fantastic team spirit! Her time in the Army has taught her that being ambitious and driven is what generates results, in a literal or metaphorical field.

Whilst working within Human Resources might not include map reading, self-defence, or night-time assault courses, it is not without its challenges. Thankfully, Claire has a wealth of experience and an effective skillset gained from her the Army to apply to her role.

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