JSK Offers TLS Expertise to CSC Bidders

31 May 2018

SEA Joint Venture with Kaycom Inc., JSK Naval Support, has committed itself to developing Canadian expertise in Torpedo Launcher Systems (TLS) as part of its offering for participation in the forthcoming Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) programme.

JSK’s joint venture partner’ expertise in supplying and supporting TLS and decoy launcher systems is reflected in current programmes for the UK, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines, all of which have achieved significant milestones. This wealth of experience and expertise, which includes manufacturing and supporting the UK Royal Navy’s MoD TLS and decoy launchers fitted to its Type 23 frigates, is brought into Canada through JSK.

JSK will highlight its TLS, decoy launcher and handling systems capability at CANSEC 2018 in Ottawa from May 30-31.

The TLS system is compatible with all lightweight NATO standard-sized torpedoes, while the electronics suite provides calculation of a fire control solution predicting target position from the sonar and ship’s data. It will be showcased at CANSEC in an interactive virtual reality environment that will also demonstrate the ability to use the latest technology for training and simulation.

Flexibility is a key aspect of the TLS with the modular nature of the system meaning that by utilising a common tube selection panel as part of the combat management system the fire control electronics can be adapted to interface with the ship’s decoy launchers as well as the TLS.

In addition, the JSK weapons handling system in the ship’s magazine facilitates the storage of lightweight torpedoes, depth charges and air launched missiles in shock mounted racking and transports them via trolleys to on-deck launchers or the helicopter hangar.

JSK President Brian March says that our joint venture partner has already demonstrated they work closely with in-country suppliers in SE Asia to maximize local content in the various systems supplied. He added: “I am delighted that through JSK, they are committed to transferring technology and investing in in-country manufacturing and support. Systems supplied for the CSC programme will maximize Canadian content, providing experience and develop Canadian expertise that will form the basis for additional export in the future for these products.”

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