Marie is a Local Community Hero during Covid-19

27 May 2020

SEA employee Marie, feeling like she wanted to use her time to help those who fall into the at-risk category, became part of a local volunteer group. This group provides help and support to the more vulnerable people within the community, including the elderly, infirmed and those who are shielding.

Marie is on hand to help with tasks these people can no longer undertake by themselves, such as food shopping or collecting prescriptions. The less practical side of Marie’s role as a volunteer is to sit and talk to the people she is helping. “Quite often, people rely on their families to visit but at this time, without that, it can get very lonely. During my rounds, I sometimes deliver (free) flowers to brighten their day.”

It was a sad time in the village when the annual Easter egg hunt was cancelled so instead, Marie and a group of other volunteers’ hand-delivered over 300 Easter eggs to the children in the village. This shows great community spirit, even in times of hardship.   

“Some days are busier than others. I can go to the shops with five lists or just one; visit three chemists or none. It is just really nice to be able to help people in their time of need.”

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