SEA Crew set sail for Reginald Fessenden Challenge

17 Jul 2018

SEA participated in the Reginald Fessenden Challenge 2018, an annual charity sailing event in support of the Not Forgotten Association. The charity is military-focused, supporting serving or former individuals who are wounded, injured or sick and any veterans with a disability, illness or infirmity.  

The event was supported by 15 key defence industry companies and SEA’s talented crew performed exceptionally well. This was until their chances of winning were drastically reduced when they caught a sunken lobster pot float; firmly anchoring them to the seabed. This gave them a magnificent view of all the other yachts sailing across the finishing line.

The challenge took place in the Solent, in perfect weather conditions and great fun was had by the mixed crews of service and defence industry personnel. Overall, the event raised a staggering £20,000 for this long-established and hardworking service charity and SEA is incredibly proud to have been part of the event.

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