SEA joins with local schoolchildren to create wildlife garden

06 Oct 2017


Employees from SEA have created an environmentally friendly garden in the grounds of their picturesque 17th Century Beckington Castle headquarters that is open to local schools for studying wildlife.

SEA employees and their families were helped by schoolchildren from the surrounding area and their families to build the wildlife garden, which includes a bog pond, bug hutches and mini-meadow along with various hardy plants and trees.

Besides being used by SEA employees taking a break from their computers and workplace, the garden is open to local schools, who have been invited to use the area for studies and visits.

The garden was previously farm land and the area is boggy with coarse grass which is an important ingredient to attract local wildlife. The surrounding grass bank with hedges and medium size trees provides vital shelter and nest sites.

The plants selected have been recommended by the Somerset Wildlife Trust, as have the trees which include Silver Birch, Crab Apple, Hawthorn and Acer.

Several mini meadows have been created and filled with a continuous succession of flowers from at least spring to autumn, with flowers such as Snowdrops and Hellebore adding colour through to Spring. Four bug hotels created in a bank will further attract wildlife. When the area is more mature it is planned to install cameras to view the nest boxes and pond area, with a live feed to capture the wildlife.

SEA Managing Director Steve Hill, who hosted a special event to mark the opening of the garden, explained: “The project creates a truly great wildlife area to be enjoyed by all and brings us closer together with the local community. Schoolchildren from the Beckington area have played an active part in creating the wildlife garden and we hope they visit regularly to study and enjoy it.”

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