SEA’s Legacy Locker Prevents Costly Delays for Chrysaor

21 Nov 2018

SEA has provided re-manufactured and re-certified electrical jumper assemblies to North Sea oil and gas independent, Chrysaor, in just 36 hours from the point of order, through its Legacy Locker service - which supplies used and refurbished equipment for the Subsea market.

Lewis Sim, Business Development Manager at SEA, said: “Speed was crucial for this project – with the jumper assemblies needed in just 36 hours to ensure that operations could continue as scheduled.

By using spare parts stored within Legacy Locker’s inventory, we were able to engineer and re-certify the assemblies with the correct connectors to provide Chrysaor with the equipment that it needed. This removed what would have been a long wait to re-manufacture and supply the jumper assemblies and meant that an existing piece of equipment could be reused.

A responsive and customer-driven service, Legacy Locker offers the purchase, refurbishment and re-certification of used equipment for the Subsea production controls market. The service also helps the oil and gas industry extract the maximum value from its existing assets, and assists companies seeking obsolete, rare or replacement parts.

Mike Bavidge, Subsea Controls System Engineer at Chrysaor, commented: “SEA’s Legacy Locker was able to provide support for this project very quickly. The responsiveness of the Legacy Locker team mitigated a lot of the pressure and stress from the situation so that the equipment and vessel could head offshore as planned.

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