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Future Soldier Vision

SEA developed the latest iteration of the Future Soldier Vision (FSV) on behalf of Defence Science and Technology Laboratories (Dstl) and working in conjunction with Revision Military, Qioptiq, Source Tactical and the Royal College of Arts.


The FSV provides a physical vision, bringing together innovative design from both academia and equipment manufacturers. It allows for the visualisation of potential future technologies and their practical implementation to be explored.

Weapon As A Platform

Weapon As A Platform (WAAP) was developed to deliver integrated power and data system onto the weapon. This platform has been used to develop collaborative target cueing and target hand-off processes, enabling an enhanced lethality capability to be delivered to DCC troops. The WAAP concept has been tested through numerous live fire exercises and synthetic environments to trial system operating concepts prior to deployment.


Helmet As A Platform

Helmet As A Platform (HAAP) CCD combined innovative ‘e-textiles’ with a concept system and software architecture to deliver a power and data enabled helmet. This has provided the Ministry of Defence with the means to test and evaluate future key issues such as management of the thermal signature.


Dismounted Situational Awareness

SEA delivered Dismounted Situational Awareness (DSA) CCD in partnership with Dstl, the most successful single networked dismounted Company Group experiment over an extended period of six weeks. A representative system—The US Nett Warrior (NW) was chosen to replicate the DSA capability and was fielded by No 4 Company The Irish Guards. From the beginning of September to the middle of October, the CCD tested and evaluated the utility of the DSA concept to the dismounted Infantry Company.


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