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Capability Development - Integrated Logistics Support

SEA specialises in the delivery of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) solutions for bids, programmes and projects.  Our highly qualified SMEs can deliver well-defined and structured ILS plans, as well as management and delivery teams, not only in the UK, but also on global operations.


We have delivered comprehensive ILS Plans for several successful Prime contract bids and maintain a team of specialists, who are ready to be integrated into the bid teams of Prime Contractors at any time.

We support major NITEWORKS programmes with both core staff and Associates, and have delivered Logistic Subject Matter Experts to a number of Defence Primes.  We understand the imperatives and complexities of logistics in all three domains (Sea, Land and Air) and have a wealth of experience delivering ILS for the MOD, NCIA, EDA and overseas customers.

Key Benefits

  • Ensuring that every capability has the appropriate Through Life Capability Management plans
  • Ensuring that every capability is delivered with the required support equipment, appropriate infrastructure (including information systems) and pertinently-defined data

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