Procedural Training Solutions

The use of synthetic environments for immersive procedural training is providing increasing benefits in the efficiency and effectiveness of training of activities that are inherently expensive and/or unsafe.

This is due to the huge improvements in capability and cost effectiveness of synthetic training technology emerging from the gaming industry in recent years. SEA's Procedural Training infrastructure provides a complete suite of procedural training management tools and a high fidelity synthetic environment that can be deployed rapidly.

SEA's Procedural Training Engine provides a high fidelity gaming environment re-purposed to deliver safe, efficient and high fidelity immersive training. By utilising advanced technologies and developing them to integrate seamlessly, we deliver the end-user a complete end-to-end training system.

Starting from an identified procedure training need or problem, the procedural training management tool provides a series of individually scripted steps, actions or requirements that are deployed by the student in the Synthetic Environment and monitored by the instructor for achievement of an identified goal after each procedure step.

The Procedural Training Engine provides a solution that answers anything from the very basic need of instructor led class room training, to complex real time and accurate physics based simulation, emulation and training. By creating a comprehensive suite of tools and features it is now possible to address any type of procedural training need.


  • High Fidelity Synthetic Environment
  • Library of Customisable Simulation Assets
  • Scenario Management Tool
  • Student Interaction
  • Simulated Radio Communication
  • Straightforward and Scalable System Architecture

Customer Benefits

The SEA Procedural Training Engine delivers a high-end solution architecture that is implemented on a simple and highly configurable core system, it is very efficient and based on credible gaming technologies. This delivers proven benefits:

  • The ability to rapidly develop training solutions
  • High reliability
  • Low cost of ownership


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