Simulation & Training

Equipment Emulation Trainer

A training system that comprises; a virtual environment and a range of simulated equipment, the equipment can be a single line replaceable unit on a workbench or as part of a larger 'complete' system that an operator or maintainer has interaction with.

The equipment is designed to mimic look, feel and function, being fully interactive, with switches, dials and displays replicating 'real' behaviour of the actual equipment.

Key Benefits

  • Equipment emulation via touchscreen and tablet screens
  • Deployable as a fixed solution (Classroom installation) or as a man-portable solution
  • Fully adaptable to specific customer requirements and training requirements
  • Low through life cost of ownership (COTS replacement spares)
  • Customisable support packages to suit your needs
  • Procedures that are otherwise untrainable, i.e. equipment failure or emergency operation are not only repeatable but can be trained in a safe and controlled manor.
  • The system can be configured to cope with all levels of ability (i.e. repeatability) and supported by a full student debrief facility.

Key Features

  • Simplified user controls to minimise instructor workload
  • Student debriefing facility
  • Uses commercial off-the-shelf hardware technology
  • High-fidelity graphics
  • Customisable viewpoints for instructor visibility of student interactions
  • Accessible library of pre-configured training scenarios
  • After action playback/debrief toolset


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