Legacy Locker

SEA realises the economical value of refurbishing existing, unwanted capital equipment. Legacy Locker is the open industry portal for the re-manufacturing, recycling and upcycling of subsea equipment. 

SEA is leading the way in the Oil & Gas industry to optimise the value of existing, unwanted capital equipment, combating the continued downturn in the offshore market.

SEA is committed to adjusting economic, social and environmental behaviours to build a resourceful and sustainable future. To support this goal and to avoid large quantities of fully-functioning equipment simply being scrapped, Legacy Locker was launched.

What is it?

  • Legacy Locker is a repository of all the spares you need to maintain your production
  • It is a store of spare parts that we own and hold at SEA
  • It also acts as a notional store of all the parts that our clients and others have agreed to make available through Legacy Locker to buy, rent or use and replace for urgent jobs
  • It is an engineering service to test, refurbish, re-certify or reverse-engineer obsolete items owned by SEA or our clients
  • It is a brokerage service for higher value items owned by Oil & Gas and service companies
  • It has the capacity to expand in equipment type and geography
  • It helps you overcome the interface, supply and support problems that have challenged the industry over many years



A complete list of parts is available from our Subsea Engineering division


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