Subsea Control Manifolds

Highly configurable Manifold assemblies for subsea use.

High specification components

The use of high specification components and materials enables the operation of the Manifolds in a variety of environments and functions. The Manifolds are suitable for installation within a pressure compensated oil-filled enclosure or open to the external environment up to depths of 3000m.

Port positions, connection type and component layouts are all configurable to enable installation in a variety of orientations to fit the available space. Supply and function lines can be installed with dual pressure transducers for added redundancy should this be required on any of our Manifold designs. The Manifolds can be fully ported or mount onto a base interface. Manifolds can be daisy chained to give increased functionality or to mount clusters of valves closest to their functions thus reducing multiple complex equipment tubing runs.

High specification components

We can rapidly configure manifolds for a variety of uses

Initially designed for use in our Subsea Control Module (SCM), the flexibility of designing using D’Assault Systemes Solidworks 3D and Enterprise configuration management software, allows us to rapidly configure manifolds for a variety of uses. The individual Manifolds can be deployed Subsea as part of a range of equipment such as an SCM, intervention tooling package or Subsea Isolation Valve (SSIV) control assembly.

Bespoke designs can also be catered for.

We can rapidly configure manifolds for a variety of uses

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