SSIV Hydraulic Manifold

Mounts direct immersion subsea directional control valves, suitable for single acting actuator functions.

Designed to hydraulically latch

The SSIV Hydraulic Manifold valves are designed to hydraulically latch when a pulse signal is sent to move to the valve to the open position. The valve will remain latched until a close signal is received or the hydraulic pressure drops below a pre-set value. On close the function line is vented locally. Manifolds can be configured for single or multiple DCV’s. Function line pressure transducers are incorporated mounted directly to the DCV to provide indication of system status.

Key Features:

  • Maximum Operating Depth of 3000m
  • Weight 6 Kg
  • Max Dimensions of 0.3m x 0.19m x 0.15m
Designed to hydraulically latch


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