Subsea Penetrator Manifold

A highly survivable Subsea enclosure.

Maintenance-free and secure

The Subsea Penetrator Manifold is suitable for use as a junction box, electrical termination/distribution module or secure housing for electrical components.

The Subsea Penetrator Manifold provides a maintenance-free and secure subsea enclosure utilising SEA’s extensive capability in high integrity vessel design and manufacture. The Subsea Penetrator Manifold can be used in numerous applications and has a wide range of interfacing options. These include subsea connectors or an over moulded stainless steel penetrator, providing a versatile interfacing solution for multiple subsea connection points.

Maintenance-free and secure

Key Features

  • Oil or gel filled housing
  • Polyurethane mould penetrator using proven technology
  • Constructed in alloy or 316L stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Qualification tested to depth of 300m
  • Internal splicing using proven polyurethane moulding technique
  • Multiple connection ports (dependent on size of housing)
  • Multiple connection types (subsea connectors, moulded penetrator, etc.)


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