Subsea Electronics Module

Our rugged Subsea Electronics Module (SEM) is designed for installation in our modular Subsea Control Systems.

Reliable and effective control and monitoring

SEA has developed a rugged Subsea Electronics Module (SEM) designed for installation in Subsea Control Module (SCM) applications.

The purpose of the SEM is to provide reliable and effective control and monitoring of subsea production control assets where OEM support is not an option:

  • Brownfield development
  • Obsolescence
  • End of field life
  • Decommissioning
Reliable and effective control and monitoring

Experienced and capable

The SEM is built using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components and runs on a robust Linux-based real-time operating system. We can optionally provide a topsides Master Control Station (MCS) with the SEM. The topside communications and subsea hardware interfaces are designed to be compatible with legacy seabed and topside hardware, while forming the basis for the SEA SCM.


A key strength in this offering is our experience and capability in the delivery of bespoke engineering projects, where obsolescence and interface definitions are always an issue. In such legacy applications the use of COTS components give greater flexibility, meaning costs, development time and risk will be significantly reduced. This results in an easily supported, longer-life product with little or no proprietary SEM hardware subsea.


Key Features

  • Legacy OEM equipment support and compatibility
  • Designed and built using COTS components
  • Optional topsides Master Control Station
  • Software updated and downloaded from surface
  • Comms on Power Option
  • Fast-scan valve profiling and trending
  • Compliant with ISO 13628
  • SEA secure networks protocols for ethernet communications


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