Clean Air Zones

SEA is committed to creating clean air and low emission environments by providing an effective and adaptable solution. The ROADflow approach can also be adapted as your objectives change.

The cost-effective solution can monitor up to three lanes, with a single camera. It performs live identification of vehicles via Automatic Number Plate Recognition, and through the utilisation of an onboard processor rapidly looks up the vehicle make, model, gross weight, engine type, Euro rating and CO² emission band. The solution uses highly adaptable units, which comprise separate, digital, ANPR and context cameras.

It is easy to reconfigure the ROADflow solution to meet varying requirements. A simple software update would enable the system to switch from Clean Air Zone implementation to capturing moving traffic offences or cycle lane enforcement, for example.



  • Conclusive air quality improvements
  • No client IT infrastructure required
  • Can be installed on existing street furniture
  • Low cost implementation and subscription
  • Scalable solution
  • UK-wide coverage and support
  • Configurable data distribution


  • Trusted solution, designed for this specific need
  • Lightweight, will fit to most existing street furniture
  • Low cost of capital expenditure
  • Competitive through life support costs
  • Dedicated support team
  • One supplier, one solution
  • Rapid installation
  • Easy to operate with an intuitive user interface
  • Future proof software and back office
  • Adaptable for reuse in future application