ROADflow Motion

ROADflow Motion is the next generation of unattended enforcement for difficult, complex enforcement scenarios.

ROADflow Motion is a 24/7 fully unattended enforcement solution that operates in all weather and lighting conditions, alongside congested scenes.

ROADflow Motion delivers proven performance and reliability

ROADflow Motion delivers proven performance and reliability.  It uses 3D motion tracking technology, developed by SEA specifically for civil enforcement in partnership with our existing customers, with unparalleled unattended enforcement of difficult, complex enforcement scenarios

Our Motion system offers cost-saving efficiency alongside enforcing multiple contraventions simultaneously from just one system.

ROADflow Motion delivers proven performance and reliability


  • A single Motion camera can enforce multiple contraventions
  • 24/7 unattended enforcement in all conditions
  • Advanced 3D tracking analytics and fully configurable rules engine
  • Efficient operation for optimal use of time, budgets and employees
  • Fully supported by in-house dedicated Support team
  • VCA certified
  • Fully integrated with all notice processors

Enforcement Areas

  • Yellow box junctions
  • Banned manoeuvres such as U-turns & one way streets
  • School keep clears
  • Restricted access
  • Bus stops, enhanced bus lane enforcement
  • Red Routes

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