ROADflow Signal & Signal Metro

ROADflow Signal & Signal Metro are designed to enhance public safety at railway level crossings.

Certified traffic enforcement systems

ROADflow Signal & Signal Metro are certified traffic enforcement systems designed to enhance public safety at railway level crossings through strict photo enforcement.

It uses advanced video analytics to detect flashing red lights. Evidence Packs are then generated when the red stop signal (WigWags) are activated and a vehicle passes the barrier.

Certified traffic enforcement systems

Installation of ROADflow Signal

Installation of ROADflow Signal is non-intrusive, requiring no inductive loops or other connections to crossing equipment, ensuring existing trackside safety certifications are maintained. ROADflow Signal Metro is our innovative solution which mounts to existing street furniture.

Installation of ROADflow Signal


  • Advanced video analytics
  • Evidence Packs are generated when the red stop signal is activated & a vehicle passes the barrier
  • The ALPR/ANPR engine is instructed to trigger on vehicles as they cross the stop line
  • Completely automatic 24/7 system
  • Encrypted evidence stored locally or in the back-office


  • Enhanced safety
  • Cost-effective reduction of human & financial costs associated with level-crossing incidents
  • Convenient local data storage or secure transmission
  • Targets deliberate violation of red light at level crossings
  • No connection to trackside equipment
  • Secure evidence certified for police prosecution

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