ROADflow Vision & Vision+

ROADflow Vision and Vision+ is a patrolling enforcement vehicle that can cover a large geographical area and has two powerful operating modes - attended and unattended.

Unattended traffic enforcement

In Unattended mode the system can be operated by a single driver without any manual intervention to enforce parking contraventions. The ROADflow system automatically identifies unauthorised vehicles in contravention and collects compelling evidence to be reviewed and issued as a PCN through the back office. This primary mode of operation is far more effective at enforcing ‘instant issue’ locations such as school keep clears, bus stops and pedestrian crossings. As the system is certified for Unattended operation the vehicle operator doesn’t need to be CEO qualified. This ultimately saves on training and helps issues with sickness and leave cover.

Unattended traffic enforcement

Attended traffic enforcement

Attended mode allows the operator to take full control of the system through a touch screen interface and rapid response joystick. Upon identifying a potential contravention, the operator aims the camera and triggers the generation of an evidence pack from a single click. Once the evidence pack is assigned a contravention code it can then be reviewed and issued through the back office processing system. Where the appropriate legislation exists, attended mode provides authorities with a mobile enforcement platform for moving traffic contraventions.

ROADflow Vision and Vision+ identify vehicles committing a probable offence by collecting position and video evidence.

Attended traffic enforcement


  • Two powerful operational modes
  • Spotter functionality integrated with all major back offices
  • Full VCA certification
  • Residential areas and Permit parking
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Multiple community safety enforcement such as school keep clears & bus stops
  • Offering a wide range of cost saving efficiencies including Permit and Cashless enforcement as well as residences, occupancy and traffic surveys
  • Fully integrated with all notice processors

Enforcement Areas

  • Parking outside of schools
  • Bus stops and lanes
  • Red Routes
  • Permit areas
  • Cashless parking
  • Event enforcement such as football matches
  • Identification of potential contraventions that require a CEO's observation


ROADflow Live

ROADflow Live is an on street parking solution for the digital age – it enables parking operators to deal quickly and efficiently with enforcement of all kinds of phone payments, pay-by-plate parking and digital permits. ROADflow Live improves productivity by bringing together a mobile ANPR vehicle with your existing enforcement operations on the street, able to issue tickets for a wide range of parking violations.

ROADflow Live provides a live data feed between the ROADflow vehicle and the back office, allowing a wide range of additional functionality. Live will be used to enable a spotter capability in which the ROADflow vehicle identifies vehicles performing contraventions and notifies this, via the notice processor (Imperial, Chipside & Conduent) to a CEO's handheld device.

The complete process is as follows:

The operator is provided with details of the location of the contravention, its type, and time of detection. Furthermore, a colour overview image taken by the enforcement

ROADflow Live Gallery

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