Ancilia Countermeasure System

Delivering an effective, rapid threat response to incoming air, surface or subsurface threats, our countermeasure system, Ancilia, offers a highly modular, highly reliable and low through-life cost solution. 

Ancilia will contribute to overall fleet protection against countermeasure, including emerging hypersonic missile threats, particularly where the platform no longer has time to manoeuvre itself as part of self-defence doctrine.  

With decoy-agnostic tubes and an open architecture, the system will launch any standard 130mm NATO decoy and can be retrofitted onto existing platforms with OEM software.

Ancilia has been developed collaborating with Chess Dynamics Ltd, and through our long history (>40yrs) in providing decoy and torpedo launching systems to the UK Royal Navy and global navies. Based on this proven torpedo launcher technology and Combat System expertise, our countermeasures systems use modern hardware, intelligent integrated software and require minimal deck footprint. 

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