Mission Systems

SEA’s Mission Systems group supply a range of Maritime Combat Systems equipment and solutions, delivering maritime situational awareness, providing a lower cost alternative to the traditional Combat Management System.


  • Anti-Submarine Warfare
  • Communications
  • Mission System Infrastructure
  • Tactical Display
  • Mission Systems Integration Services


  • Adaptable, Modular and Open Architecture
  • Cost-Effective
  • Reduced refit time increasing platform availability
  • Fused Data Displays reduces manning costs
  • Compatible with a range of SEA and 3rd party equipment
  • Works across existing networks

Mission Systems Infrastructure

  • The Modularised, Open Architecture allows greater flexibility. SEA and Third Party capability can be merged into the SEA Mission System Infrastructure giving the ability to switch or upgrade systems quickly, reducing NRE and increasing platform availability through quicker refit times.
  • SEA uses a core virtualised environment to fuse information from around the platform into a single operational view,
    giving the user a holistic overview. Console Displays can be presented where they are needed on the platform allowing
    a flexible, reconfigurable layout.
  • Clear system boundaries allow capability domains to be inserted or removed seamlessly with minimum security & reaccreditation impact.
  • Mission Systems Lite will exploit existing sensors, sonar, EW, navigation systems etc. to provide a clear mission systems picture.
  • Deliver interfaces to existing weapons to increase capability and accuracy.

Datasheets and Specifications