SEA brings leading technology and skills to Australian defence sector


SEA and Daronmont Technologies signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in 2018 to provide a basis for the two companies to bring to Australia some of the world's most advanced combat and communications systems. The partnership will support Royal Australian Navy requirements outlined in the Future Submarine (SEA 1000) and Hunter Class Frigate (SEA 5000) programmes and provide innovative product developments to the broader Naval defence market.  Today, SEA is supporting the RAN HATS programme through its relationship with Thales Australia.

As part of its technology and knowledge transfer partnership SEA has established a training and simulation centre in Daronmont’s  facility in Adelaide, Australia,


The Australian Navy’s ambitious submarine and frigate programmes rely on the world’s most advanced technologies and expertise to make them a success. Daronmont, a well-established and highly reputable Australian defence engineering company, sought a partner that could enable it to offer cutting-edge naval communication and combat systems - complementing its own capabilities - and deliver bespoke naval training.

Given the lifespan of the SEA 1000 and SEA 5000 programmes, and considering the Australian Navy’s ongoing requirement for leading technology and expertise, the partnership needed to enable Daronmont to be self-sufficient in its provision of uniquely indigenous solutions, robust supply chains and ongoing product support.

The Solution

Drawing upon its established UK and international business activities, SEA was well placed to bring to Australia its flexible, open-architecture communications, vendor-independent weapons launcher and VR training systems to meet Australia’s Future Submarine, Frigate and HATS requirements.

Based on the opportunity to supply a virtual reality (VR) training system to Thales in Australia under the HATS programme, SEA and Daronmont have created  a dedicated, bespoke training and simulation centre in Adelaide.

In place at the new facility is SEA’s leading training solution DECKsim which provides an immersive 3D training experience for flight deck personnel. Providing real-life scenarios, the simulator can incorporate any desired combination of offshore platform, airfield or ship flight deck and aircraft.  importantly, training for emergency procedures that couldn’t be carried out with real assets, can be conducted  in a controlled and safe environment. In addition, a significant reduction in the amount of real flying hours required quickly delivers substantial savings.   Training can be provided in-situ at the facility, but the system is also portable – providing flexibility to meet the Navy’s specific needs.

Following the establishment of the training centre, a head of technology will be appointed to enable Daronmont to manage all future training requirements.

Beyond the initial training offering, the partnership aspires to provide capabilities, including anti-submarine warfare technology, that position the Royal Australian Navy as a world-leading defence organisation, and further enhance Daronmont’s reputation for delivery of world-class naval solutions.

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