Echosounder 800

Echosounder 800

The next generation Echosounder is in service with the UK Royal Navy and other international navies.

Echosounder 800 (ES800) is a dual channel system capable of interfacing to 10kHz and 30kHz or 48kHz transducers. Its design incorporates COTS components and open architecture philosophies, thus reducing through life support costs and effort. Operation and maintenance are simple and future component obsolescence issues have been designed out.

In addition to conventional depth measurement it also displays separation data between submarines and surface ice and calculates the thickness using pressure depth information. Information is displayed on local and remote displays and recorded to disk for archive and review.

  • ES800 displays data on an integral flat screen and up to two remote displays.
  • ES800 can record in excess of 90 days of data internally. Files can be written to DVD, for post mission analysis on a standalone PC.

System Description

  • ES800 Recorder Unit (two on submarine installations)
  • ES800 Remote Display Unit
  • ES800 Universal Switch Box - platform specific to interface to existing transducers
  • ES800 Playback Software – for post mission data analysis using standalone PC

The ES800 system units are available in various configurations to meet different platform fits.


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