Long-range, Long-endurance autonomous Submarine Hunter

Product Overview

SEA has teamed with iXblue to integrate together the SEA KraitArray™ low profile sonar towed array and the iXblue DRIX™ autonomous surface vessel to deliver a high sensitivity, long range long, endurance submarine hunter. The system enables flexible, scalable, modular and small footprint Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) capabilities.

Working together as a hunting pack up to ten SeaDrix can deploy a sonar sensor with the same range and area coverage as a nuclear submarine providing a force multiplier out of all proportion to its cost. SeaDrix provides a powerful deterrent to submarine aggressors.

Product Overview


  • Length - 8m
  • Endurance - 7 to 10 days
  • Launch and recovery
    • Surface ship davits
    • Mothership crane or A frame
    • Forward shore base
  • Array - Krait Mk2 KraitArray, length 150m + tow cable
  • Command and Control
    • Using IMO compliant software

Our Partnership

The partnership with iXblue combines the KraitArray with DRIX. KraitArray, SEA’s thin 16mm modular array that detects acoustic signatures from underwater contacts is attached to iXblue’s DRIX, a surface platform with a wave piercing hull that acts as a stable towing platform to offer a persistent autonomous anti-submarine surveillance system.

This is an exciting development. Bringing safety and efficiency to the warfighter, the unique combination of SEA’s KraitArray™ and our autonomous surface platform DRIX™ brings a new, durable anti-submarine surveillance capability to naval forces around the world.