The ROADflow suite of products provide effective, efficient and intelligent monitoring and enforcement of civil and criminal offences.

SEA, is the UK’s leading provider of civil traffic and parking enforcement systems, offering a complete range of enforcement technologies designed specifically for supporting the demands of the Traffic Management Act 2004; Transport Act 2000; and The Civil Enforcement of Road Traffic Contraventions (Approved Devices) (Wales) Order 2013, and providing large scale systems that enforce traffic offences in London and New York.

The company provides intelligent solutions for the transport sector, offering an independent and innovative approach to the resolution of technologically complex system requirements. This includes products that provide monitoring and enforcement of civil traffic order infringements on roads. Our mobile, fixed and movable systems use state-of-the art 3D vehicle tracking software, visible and infra-red cameras, encrypted evidence pack data collection/handling and secure interfacing with a wide range of back-office equipment suppliers.

SEA has developed civil enforcement systems since 2008 that comply with Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) requirements and more recently has had its first criminal enforcement systems approved under Home Office Type Approval (HOTA).

SEA has also developed and now maintains a large scale CCTV based enforcement system for Transport for London (TfL) where very large amounts of data are held including vehicle keeper details. SEA has recently been awarded a further contract with Transport for London to develop a brand new smartphone based ‘Parking Enforcement System (PES)’, and to support this plus the existing CCTV enforcement system for another 10 years.

These experiences give SEA wide ranging insights and experiences that it is able to draw on during both system development activities and in deploying and supporting systems delivered to local authority and London Borough customers.

ROADflow areas of enforcement

  • Schools
  • Bus gates
  • Tram gates
  • Permit parking
  • Cashless parking
  • Bus lanes
  • Bus stops
  • Clearways
  • Level crossings
  • Banned turns
  • Yellow box
  • One way
  • U-turns
  • Restricted access

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