ROADflow Attended

The low-cost, highly adaptable solution to enforce various traffic contraventions. Capture contraventions from CCTV streams and review contraventions in one smart solution.

Multiple Applications

Enable Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) to view, capture and process contraventions over a 4G data link to the CCTV unit.

Contraventions, such a school keep clear zones and other restricted parking zones may be captured by the user on any camera by quickly switching focus and control in the quad view display software. Easy to use joystick controls and pre-set configurations are provided to aid the operator to pan, tilt and zoom in on any contraventions.

Multiple Applications


  • All in one solution for remotely operated traffic enforcement
  • Integrates into an existing back-office or delivered as a standalone system
  • Ability to view and record up to four camera streams simultaneously
  • Full control of each camera including pan, tilt and zoom via 4G communications
  • Off the shelf solution to improve school safety
  • Privacy filters built in
  • VCA certified
  • Low power and weighs just 6.5kg
  • Personalised message or logos


  • Cost effective and overall low cost of ownership
  • Low maintenance
  • Rapidly re-deployable once compliance is achieved
  • Easy to install, only requires a qualified street lighting installer
  • No ongoing alignment or calibration
  • Can be adapted for other contraventions

Award Winning Technology

SEA, alongside its partners Derby City Council, took home the Parking Technology Award for a technology solution in Derby to improve school safety.

The ROADflow Attended solution was developed in collaboration with Derby City Council, a longstanding partner of SEA, aimed at changing driver behaviour and prevent parking in School Keep Clear zones to improve safety outside schools. The industry-leading system is based on SEA’s ROADflow camera technologies to protect safe spaces outside of school gates.

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Award Winning Technology