Armed Forces Week 2020 - David Armed Forces Week 2020 - David

Armed Forces Week 2020 - David

This Armed Forces Week, we are celebrating our colleagues who have served in the Armed Forces. Here is a bit about David . . .

Coming from a long family line of military personnel, David joined 16th/5th The Queen’s Royal Lancers (an Armoured Reconnaissance regiment) in 1979 in Wolfenbüttel on the border with East Germany.  He served around the world on Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicles as a young officer and on Main Battle Tanks as a Major before taking command of the Royal Armoured Corps Training Regiment in 2002.  In between, he served in a variety of staff jobs and as a Staff College Instructor until retiring in 2011.  The most satisfying role he held during his 33 years in the Army, was as Head of the Equipment Branch in the Permanent Joint Headquarters in Northwood, where he was responsible for all Urgent Operational Requirements for Iraq and Afghanistan at the height of both those campaigns, bringing into service over £2.4Bn of new equipment.

For 10 years (up until 2019), David also managed the Armed Forces Para-Snowsport Team (AFPST), a charity which enables Wounded, Injured and Sick service personnel and veterans to regain their confidence, freedom and competitive drive through the medium of adaptive snow sports.

“For 33 years, the Army was an amazing family of which I was lucky to be a small part; it was (and hopefully always will be) an amazing body of talented men and women who always put their colleagues, Country and others first.  I look back incredibly fondly on that time and am very proud to remain well connected with the Services through my work with SEA.”

During Armed Forces Week and every other week, we salute you.