Celebrating Sam this Armed Forces Week Celebrating Sam this Armed Forces Week

Celebrating Sam this Armed Forces Week

This Armed Forces Week, we are celebrating our colleagues who have served in the Armed Forces and asking them to look back on what they gained from their experience.

Sam Maddocks started his career as a Weapons Engineer in the Royal Navy aged 18. He was soon promoted to specialise in Sensors and was the section maintainer for both the Platforms Mission System and Electrical Warfare Systems. Sam completed several operation deployments to the Middle East, carrying out a number of roles such as Maritime Security, Anti-Piracy and Escort duties for the American Aircraft Carrier.

After making the difficult decision to leave the Royal Navy, Sam secured a role at SEA with an imminent start date, leaving him very little time to think about adapting to civilian life! Thinking back on it, Sam said: “I do believe the strong military presence within SEA made it a lot easier adapting to once again being a civilian, with several members of the Maritime Research team being able to empathise with my situation.”

Sam is an incredibly valued and reliable member of our Maritime Research division, and he believes the core values he followed during his time in the Royal Navy are attributable to that. His technical knowledge of current and future Royal Navy platforms and their associated Mission Systems & Combat Systems are invaluable to the team and wider business.

Throughout his time in the Royal Navy, Sam learned a variety of skills which he uses in his day-to-day life and role at SEA. He is quick to adapt, he is an efficient and effective team player and his communication skills both with his colleagues and customers are of the highest standard.

Sam has used his experience gained with the Royal navy to highlight his extensive skillset and prioritise his growth as a Maritime Research Systems Engineer at SEA.