National Apprenticeship Week 2024

National Apprenticeship Week 24

Apprenticeships have been at the heart of SEA for a very long time. For national Apprenticeship week, we sat down with our three apprentices to ask them about their experience with us at SEA. Oli is our first year Apprentice Production Technician, following the Mechanical path, Joe is our first year of being an Apprentice Production Technician following the Electrical path, and Dillon is our second year Apprentice Production Technician, following the Mechanical path working.

How are you finding your apprenticeship at SEA? 

Oli: So far, my apprenticeship has been interesting, I've enjoyed  gaining hands on experience assembling products and repairing goods, which has helped develop my practical and technical skills.

Joe: I've also found my apprenticeship at SEA interesting, each week provides a variety of tasks and I work on something new. The team are super friendly, they are happy to offer help whenever I've needed it and it's been great adapting the theory I've learnt into practise. The Mentors I've worked with so far have been very helpful and it’s good the apprenticeship offers flexibility if I want to progress further.

Dillon: I'm loving it! Learning practical skills for both in work and at home using the toolbox has been amazing! I really like the aspect of learning and earning at the same time.


That's great to hear! How are you finding life at SEA?

Oli: I feel very welcome in the team, like Joe said, they have been helpful answering any questions I have. At first, it was weird working independently as I came here straight from school, but now I find it less of a challenge!

Joe: The workplace really is friendly, which makes going into my apprenticeship less daunting. I love that I am trusted with the work I'm given, but still have support if I have doubts.

Dillon: Really good! The flexi time is brilliant as it prioritises employee welfare and I can control how I use my time. I love the community here at SEA, the people are fun and I've enjoyed working in all teams.


Do you have any specific highlights from your time at SEA?

Oli: I spent the first 2 weeks making cameras for the RoadFlow project which was great as I got immediate practical work assembling items from a drawing.

Joe: The Christmas Party for me is one of my highlights. I enjoyed networking and meeting new people across the business. It was also my first ever work Christmas Party, I'm excited for the next!

Dillon: The machine shop is a highlight of mine. Getting to use different machines, and learning different skills at the same time is something I've found exciting. I also enjoyed visiting another factory and seeing how they operate.


Finally, what are you looking forward to in the future?

Oli: I’m looking forward to having my own work to do that I am responsible for assembling.

Joe: I want to understand more about electronics and become an Electrical Engineer.

Dillon: I’m looking forward to understanding more about different departments and becoming an engineer.


Thank you to Oli, Joe, and Dillon for sitting down with us. If this blog has inspired you, please take a look at our current apprenticeships that we have on offer and don't hesitate to contact us!