SEA Celebrates Long Service Achievements SEA Celebrates Long Service Achievements

SEA Celebrates Long Service Achievements

We would like to wish huge congratulations to a number of key people across SEA who are celebrating their long-service work anniversaries this 2021. To mark the occasion, we held high tea and reminisced about their experiences at SEA over the years.

Long-service awards are given to those who have served 10, 20, 30 or 40 years with SEA. For each of our long-service personnel, they received an award and during the ceremony, their line managers gave a short speech about their time with the company and highlighted some key career successes.

Here's a bit about each of our long-service award winners: 

Dennis - 10 years' service

Dennis joined SEA in August 2011 as a Production Technician and in 2013 he was promoted to In Service Support Technician working notably on offshore renewable energy projects, pipe crawlers and centrifuges. Dennis is renowned for always doing a thorough job with any task he is given and he cares deeply about the quality of the outcome. Dennis has been instrumental in the mechanical development of our Torpedo Launcher Systems and supporting Weapons Handling Equipment. Thank you for your hard work over the years.

Guy - 10 years' service

Guy joined SEA in 2011 as a stores/purchasing assistant but transitioned in to the world of Security in the last few years. Guy plays a key role in keeping our people and our assets safe and contributes to the overall success of the Security team. Thank you for your hard work over the years.

Mike - 10 years' service

Mike joined SEA as a Software Engineer in 2011 and has worked on various software and system development projects across the business. Mike is highly regarded across the business for his work ethic and dedication, and is renowned for always giving 110%. Thank you for your hard work over the years.

Matt - 20 years' service

Matt started his journey at SEA in September 2001 and is one of the only people within the business to have worked in every division at some point in his career! Matt has been instrumental in many projects during his time here, playing a pivotal role in developing critical software for our wide range of products. Thank you for your hard work over the years.

There were some people who were unfortunately unable to attend the ceremony, but are also celebrating long-service achievements in 2021. 

  • Angela - 40 years' service
  • Andrew – 20 years’ service
  • Mark – 10 years’ service 
  • Paul - 30 years' service
  • Paul  – 20 years’ service 

We would like to thank everybody on this list for their dedication and loyalty to SEA over the years.