SEA Congratulates Megan O'Connor

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Meet Megan O’Connor, our new Head of Delivery for our Transport division. After initially joining the company as our Service Delivery Manager, Megan was soon promoted to Head of Delivery. We asked her a few questions about her new role.

Head of Delivery is quite a new role, what will you be responsible for? 

As Head of Delivery, I’ll be responsible for every product we deliver out of Transport, so things like Bristol Clean Air Zone (CAZ) and ROADflow. It’s part of the new line management matrix, and we’ll be using resource from our engineer and software team. Delivery is about getting our products out to clients, on time and to spec, but also making sure they’re highly available and servicing them until end of life.  

It’s also a role that, as part of the leadership team, looks at the strategy of our division in the short, medium and long term. What’s our focus, where are the opportunities, where do we go from here? How do we get the SEA name out there in the Transport community? 

What made you decide to take on this permanent role? 

With my Operational and Project Management background, it seemed like a logical next step.  

In a bigger company, you can sometimes feel like a cog in a machine, and every change you want to implement takes ages because there are so many loopholes to jump through. 

As we’re a smaller department, we have more opportunities to really make a difference. I love that we’re able to instigate a change and see the results from end to end. 

As you mentioned, it’s also a newer role, getting in at the ground level is quite exciting, as I really get to shape the way it works. I don’t think a lot of people get to do that in their career, so if you do, I think you need to grab onto it! 

Did anything surprise you in your first few months? 

Everything! It’s been so great to come back into an office environment, sit at my desk, have people around me, and get to know my colleagues. I’ve really loved that and was surprised how much I’d missed it.  

The diverse range of technology we work with has also been really interesting. I’ve never worked with enforcement technology before, even though I’ve worked with operational technology for about 20 years.  

On a less pleasant note, I have been issued a PCN (red. Penalty Charge Notice) from one of our cameras... I guess it’s nice to see it works! 

Any challenges so far?  

Aside from that PCN, you mean? I think our department had a difficult time through COVID-19. Coming out of that, there’s been a lot of growth, which is a good thing, but also means that the person next to you might be just as new as you. So, learning certain processes within the company has been challenging. That is just growing pains in the department and is to be expected when your team grows so quickly. 

I originally came in as a Service Delivery Manager for a team that had been dealing with a lot of challenges, like long-term sickness and a lot of newer staff, so it wasn’t an easy scenario to walk into.

We really rallied together however, and are starting to see changes in the team, and that has been getting noticed by customers too.   

They called up to say it’s all going really well and they’re very pleased with the progress we’ve made, it really shows we’re on the right track!

Is that what motivates you at work? 

Absolutely! You know, we keep trying to do better and better, and customer feedback is just one way that shows. 2023 is the year of the customer! Building rapport with our customers, making sure that what we deliver works, and if it doesn’t, we fix it quickly. 

I want to make a difference, both internally to my team and as a primary supplier to the Transport industry. I love seeing my team develop and even leapfrog me, I love to be able to find out what makes people tick and how to help them get to their next step. Sometimes that’s a step up, but it can also be a step sideways or into another role.  

I do also really believe that we make a difference to what happens out there on the roads, we make the world safer. I’ve been in the Transportation industry for 20 years, and I love being able to show my kids what I’ve contributed to. When I’m driving, I get to say: See that, kids, mama managed that! How cool is that?!

It’s easy to forget, but we really make a difference out there, and that’s hugely motivating. 

It’s not all about work, what do your days off look like? 

Everyone in the office seems to think I’m really sporty, because I happen to see my trainer after work a lot, but it’s literally a coincidence. I’ve got two kids, who are really into rugby, so I kind of have to be too. I live in a village with a very tight community, so you usually see me at the pub garden with a cider if I’m not at the rugby. And we’re also in the middle of adopting a dog!  

Other than that, I’ve found Agatha Christie over COVID-19, and I’ve since read all of her books, and may be going round them again!  

I’m also training for a sponsored trek for the Alzheimer’s Association in July. It’s a 26-mile challenge through the Malverns which I’m completing with two of my previous colleagues. 

Thank you, Megan, and welcome to the team!