A user-configurable thin line array providing directional sensing capabilities.

Low profile miniaturised acoustic arrays

KraitArray™ is a product family of low profile miniaturised acoustic arrays suitable for low speed towed or static applications. Systems Engineering & Assessment (SEA) have made use of their knowledge and experience of larger diameter arrays to develop this highly adaptable product that provides impressive performance with reduced power consumption, weight, drag and cost when compared with traditional line and towed arrays.

Low profile miniaturised acoustic arrays

Key Benefits

  • Manned & unmanned vessels (surface and underwater)
  • Harbour surveillance and protection
  • Suspended/vertical array
  • Marine mammal monitoring
  • Torpedo defence systems
  • ASW
  • Environmental monitoring and vessel noise characterisation
  • Asset monitoring and protection
  • Condition monitoring

Key Features

  • High-sensitivity wideband hydrophone
  • Integrated low-noise pre-amplifier
  • Low Power
  • Configured to customer requirement
  • Each μNAS provides bearing, temperature, pitch and depth
  • Easy digital configuration, allows up to 8 μNAS to be installed, providing more accurate metadata.
  • Miniature data acquisition system embedded in the connector
  • Integrated into a range of sensor systems
  • Digitises up to 32 acoustic channels and 8 non-acoustic channels on a single Ethernet data interface.
  • Wide input voltage and low power consumption


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