Trainable Decoy Launcher System

A family of high speed, highly flexible trainable decoy launchers, suitable for a wide range of naval applications.

Product Overview

SEA has built on its in-service launcher systems, and many years of experience in Naval Combat Systems to develop the Trainable Decoy Launcher range.

Sharing the same inboard control system as the SEA fixed decoy and torpedo launcher systems, the Trainable Decoy Launcher adds a high speed trainable configuration, utilising the same proven launchers mounted on a training base proven in many years of naval service.

Product Overview


The Trainable Decoy Launcher supports NATO standard 130mm SEAGNAT ordnance, and via its modular mounting assembly can be configured to mount a wide range of other ordnance types, including pneumatic launchers for Expendable Torpedo Countermeasures (ETCM):

  • Flares
  • Chaff
  • Active Rounds
  • Corner Reflectors
  • ETCM
  • Programmable Rounds


The system has a small deck footprint with no deck penetration, and can be mounted in the same footprint as existing systems enabling capability upgrades to existing platforms.

The system provides a rapid response to threats enabling an effective countermeasure response limiting the need to manoeuvre the ship. The system can be integrated with the Combat Management System and/or sensors. The system can be used in varying levels of automation, depending on the threat condition and operational requirements.

The system can optionally be integrated with a shore side Electronic Warfare (EW) database to provide a full sovereign EW capability.

Platforms and applications

  • Small to large vessels
  • Range of configuration options
  • CMS Integration options
  • Support for missile defence and torpedo defence ordnance
  • Local controllers
  • Wide firing arcs
  • Can fire whilst in motion
  • Rapid firing cycles
  • Single or multiple launchers
  • EW database integration options
Platforms and applications