Richard teaches skills for life during virtual Cub Scouts

11 May 2020

Outside of work, SEA employee Richard is a Cub Scout Leader. During this pandemic, he and the rest of the leadership team have been working hard to bring scouting to the young people virtually, rather than their usual group sessions. 

"It seemed that when most of their routine had come to a halt, it would be great if something could carry on almost as per normal. We now have weekly virtual Cub meetings using Google Meet (another video conferencing tool; from Google and part of it’s G-Suite application). During the meetings they chat with each other about about how they’re doing with each other, we play games (last week we had a scavenger hunt), and then we set them some fun activities to do during the week. Last week we asked them to make a 3D model campsite, and then they shared via pics or their camera during the weekly session."

"It’s been great seeing them have fun and learning #skillsforlife. They’ve been telling us that they are really looking forward to their weekly Cub sessions and we are planning a virtual Cub camp at the end of May."

Great work, Richard!

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