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SEA Selects Razorleaf Corporation Ltd as Project Lifecycle Management Tool Implementation Partner

SEA has awarded a contract to Razorleaf Corporation Ltd to be the implementation partner for Aras Innovator, Aras’ next generation product lifecycle management (PLM) platform. Razorleaf was selected for its long-standing expertise and relationship working with Aras and Aras Innovator since 2008 when the flexible, open- source PLM platform was launched.

The core functionality of the Aras platform is to provide a single digital thread through all SEA products, from conception and requirements through to delivery and beyond. SEA will work collaboratively with Razorleaf Corporation to roll out this PLM platform over the next 18 months.

Continued delivery excellence to our people at SEA, our customers and our partners is at the core of what we do, and implementing Aras Innovator will provide a more reliable, consistent, and streamlined set of quality and engineering evidence, available in a central, digital location.

Aras Innovator is a flexible, open PLM system that brings recognised best practices into business processes. It will support our ongoing innovation and new product development, enabling transparency and collaboration across engineering processes and the ability to gather and access engineering information quickly and in a controlled manner.

James Stevens, Head of Discipline for Systems Engineering said: “Implementing Aras is a major step for SEA in streamlining the way we manage our products throughout their lifecycle. This central configuration management application will be a single source of truth across all our disciplines and enable improvements to efficiency and effectiveness going forward. Razorleaf was selected for this contract following a significant research task and we are looking forward to working collaboratively to implement this tool over the next 18 months.” 

Michael Welti, Managing Director of Razorleaf Corporation Ltd, said “SEA is experiencing many of the common challenges we see with complex manufacturers, which include a need to accelerate innovation, implement consistent and collaborative business processes, and integrate across data silos to support the creation of a digital thread. Aras Innovator is one of the most flexible PLM platforms that will adapt to their business and future proof product development strategies as they evolve. We are excited to partner with SEA and be a part of their success in meeting digital transformation goals.”

Our Razorleaf Ltd team is focused on bringing Aras Innovator to European manufacturers who want to evolve their innovation processes, shorten time-to-market, and build out a digital thread with integrated data strategies,” stated Eric Doubell, CEO of Razorleaf Global.  “Our partnership approach starts with mapping out an implementation road map that factors in SEA’s priorities while taking full advantage of Aras Innovator. We have been working with the platform since 2008 and are confident that Aras Innovator will support SEA’s digital transformation initiatives today and tomorrow.”