Digital Enforcement

SEA delivers intelligent solutions into the transport market, offering an independent and innovative approach to the resolution of technologically complex system requirements. SEA provides monitoring and enforcement of civil and criminal traffic order infringements on roads with parking or other access or use restrictions.

A complete range of proven mobile enforcement

Fixed and re-deployable systems using:

  • State-of-the art video analytics and 3D tracking technology
  • Context and ANPR infra-red cameras
  • Encrypted evidence pack data collection and handling with VCA manufacturers certification
  • Secure interfacing with all major notice processors

Which can tackle a wide range of offences such as:

  • Antisocial and dangerous parking on school keep clears, bus stops, red routes
  • Enhance Bus lanes enforcement
  • Yellow box junctions
  • Banned turns
  • Banned manoeuvres such as, U-Turns, one way streets
  • Restricted access
A complete range of proven mobile enforcement

Parking Enforcement Solution (PES)

PES is a brand new development to replace an end of life on-street enforcement system based on older feature phone technology. PES is an on-street enforcement system which is smart-phone enabled, and designed to be used by a diverse range of users who are out and about on the street.  SEA is partnered in its provision with Mubaloo, an award winning mobile developer with 7 years of experience developing over 250 bespoke apps for all platforms.

SEA will develop the PES backend systems and web interface which will integrate fully with the on-street app. By bringing together SEA’s wide ranging experience in the traffic enforcement domain with Mubaloo’s ability to create highly innovative and productive mobile apps, the end to end system will enable TfL’s ongoing on-street enforcement operations to remain effective and efficient.

Parking Enforcement Solution (PES)