ROADflow Fusion

ROADflow Fusion is a smarter enforcement solution for all types of traffic enforcement including; prohibited use of a bus lane, banned manoeuvres (e.g. no left/right turn, no U-turn, weight restriction); entering and stopping in a box junction and Clean Air Zones (CAZ).

A single, modular, multi-purpose solution

ROADflow Fusion provides a future-proof and cost-effective platform for traffic enforcement. The system provides a wide array of mobile and fixed enforcement options, with the ability to rapidly switch between different enforcement options.

ROADflow Fusion is compatible with all SEA existing back-office software solutions, with the ability to provide a managed service via a cloud-hosted solution.




A single, modular, multi-purpose solution

Typical Enforcement Areas

  • Banned Manoeuvres 
  • Yellow Box Junctions
  • Parking Restrictions
  • Weight Restrictions
  • Bus Lanes
  • Bus Stops
  • Bus Gates
  • Red Routes
  • Clean Air Zones
  • School Keep Clear
  • Railway Level Crossings
Typical Enforcement Areas

Fixed Deployment

Fitted to existing street furniture or buildings, with the ability to be re-deployed to hot-spot areas with minimal effort and disruption. Our latest camera option provides an integrated high definition camera and processor in a single housing, ensuring easy installation and maintenance.

Mobile Deployment

Mobile traffic enforcement solution that utilises GPS and ANPR technology to cover large geographical areas. In unattended mode, possible offences are automatically detected as the vehicle moves. In attended mode, the pan, tilt and zoom functionality of the camera can be used to focus on areas of interest. The mobile system can be fitted with up to four cameras to provide dual-mode operations. The comprehensive lifetime support package enables access to our highly responsive Client Services Team.