ROADflow Replay

ROADflow Replay is a rapid incident review software solution

ROADflow Replay is a fully certified, rapid incident review software solution that is fully integrated with all ROADflow parking and traffic enforcement systems.

ROADflow Replay imports Evidence Packs from Vision and Vision+, Motion and Flexi camera units and efficiently manages workflow through various methods of Evidence Pack allocation.



  • Integrates with all major notice processors 
  • Visual reporting
  • Fully VCA certified
  • One review suite for evidence created from the full range of SEA ROADflow enforcement solutions
  • Quick and intuitive user interface designed with input from real users & CEOs
  • Less than one minute per review


  • One review suite to review all evidence
  • Pre-populated fields for rapid review
  • Face obscuration
  • Built-in automatic house-keeping
  • VRM verification
  • Statistical and visual reporting

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