Celebrating Armed Forces Day 2024

SEA Beckington June 24 123

It’s Armed Forces Day today! We are a gold Armed Forces Corporate Covenant Company, and we have a history with hiring people from the Armed Forces community. We asked a few of them about their time in the Armed Forces, here’s what they said:

Philip Whitfield 

“I’d worked with SEA before leaving the Royal Marines, when I was responsible for bringing into service new capabilities for Dismounted Close Combat. Wiping the cam-cream from my face and coming a full circle to return here as a ‘civvy’ has been great. I’ve learned something new pretty much every day. (And everyone has been my teacher in that respect!) feel that the culture and ethos that everyone who once wore uniform has been steeped in might sometimes rub off a little bit to make the workplace just a little bit richer.” 

Katie Jones 

“One of the things I do enjoy about working at SEA is working with so many ex-forces people as they bring a can do/let’s get this done attitude, understand what a deadline is and approach every situation with a good sense of humour.” 

Jake Roe 

“Very often we forget about the veterans/soldier’s families and spouses, and this is the main reason I left the forces, While I was serving, I was often sent away at the drop of a hat for long periods leaving my family behind. SEA provides the opportunity for me to be present with my family and spend as much time with them I can. Thank you to the veterans and current serving forces families.” 

Ross Boyle 

“Since leaving the Army last year, I have found the transition to be fairly straightforward. As an Electronics Technician in the Army, I have found that quite a few of my skills have transferred over. Where my knowledge has been lacking, there is always a colleague around at SEA who is willing to help me to learn and develop. Being an In Service Support Engineer at SEA allows me to still travel for work, but with a huge improvement of work life balance, and longer hair!” 

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