Celebrating Reserves Day 2024

Reservists Day 2024

This annual Reserves Day highlights the valuable contribution Reservists make to our Armed Forces. 

Reservists give up their spare time to serve in the Reserve Forces, balancing their civilian life to ensure that should their country require them, they would be ready to serve. Reservists are currently supporting operations worldwide. 

The Reserve Forces make up approximately one sixth of our Armed Forces personnel and as such are integral to protecting the nation’s security at home and overseas, particularly providing capability in specialist areas such as medical and cyber. 

As an active Armed Forces employer, commitment to the Armed Forces community runs right through SEA and we demonstrate our commitment to supporting Reservists and the wider Armed Forces community all year round. Without ex-service personnel and Reservists in our business, we would not be able to deliver critical defence capability that helps keep our people, our country, and our assets safe.  

We thank our Reservists at SEA and across the country for their dedication, professionalism and commitment to serving our country.  


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