SEA Employee Raises Money for the NHS Through PC Game SEA Employee Raises Money for the NHS Through PC Game

SEA Employee Raises Money for the NHS Through PC Game

Marcus Donnelly, Principal Consultant at SEA has come up with a unique way of combining teaching his children new skills, making them crucially aware of the situation in the world, and raising money for the NHS. Here is his story: 

"Like everyone, I’ve been moved by people’s efforts to help each other through the current difficult times. My wife, who works at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, hears about these things on a daily basis, and she’s also been helping some elderly people who live close to us with things like shopping. Our two sons and I came up with a slightly unorthodox way of helping!

We have made a simple arcade-style computer game themed on the NHS against the Coronavirus. The original motivation was to give my sons something to do during their Easter week off from home schooling, getting them to learn some coding skills and have fun with the game design and development. Also, as children of that age are fully aware of what’s happening and it’s impossible to avoid the constant stream of bad news, I hoped that whilst they understand the seriousness of the situation, they would also would be able to associate it with something constructive they had achieved."

After quite a bit of effort, they have produced a simple, but certainly playable, game. To play, visit: Installation instructions are on the game web page. All you require is for your home PC or laptop to run Windows 10.

By making the game freely available and encouraging donations, vital funds for NHS Charities Together are being raised. If you would like to support, please visit:

We hope you enjoy it!