SEA Welcomes Valerie Steadman as new HR Director SEA Welcomes Valerie Steadman as new HR Director

SEA Welcomes Valerie Steadman as new HR Director

We are delighted to announce the recent appointment of Valerie Steadman, SEA's new HR Director.

Valerie brings with her over 30 years’ experience in human resources and half of that time has been spent in a Director position. With a Masters’ degree in strategic human resources management and full CIPD qualified status, Valerie boasts the knowledge and skillset to lead and drive the HR function forward, with the objective of maintaining and growing the people-centric approach at SEA.

Having spent her career working in creative agencies where her focus has been developing and nurturing talent to ensure the best possible output from a workforce, Valerie strongly believes that great leadership and great management have the ability to springboard a company forward. Her role here at SEA will be primarily to drive the strategy forward alongside the other members of the Leadership team and focus on the internal / personnel elements to deliver on the associated objectives.

On starting her role at SEA, Valerie said: “There is a warm atmosphere within SEA, which is always a good sign! It’s early days and there is clearly a lot to learn about how SEA operates, but firstly, I am most looking forward to getting to know my team. It will be a pleasure to work alongside them to understand how things are done and assess how we can develop as a function. My background is in finding, growing, and keeping exceptional talent and that is the approach we aim to adopt here.”

Valerie is keen to develop our workplace to revolve around the talent we already house, and how a strategy and a value-led approach ensures our people are always kept and recognised as the heart of what we do.

SEA Managing Director, Richard Flitton said: “I am extremely pleased to welcome Valerie to SEA, and am looking forward to working with her and to see how her deep knowledge and experience will bring new insights to the business, help us grow our people and further develop all levels of leadership”

We wish Valerie all the best in her new role.