20240327 MMSEB Visit 1 Group 20240327 MMSEB Visit 1 Group

Maritime Mission Systems Enterprise Board Hosted at SEA Barnstaple

We recently welcomed members of the Maritime Mission Systems Enterprise Board (MMS-EB) to our facility in Barnstaple, North Devon. 

Members from the Royal Navy, DE&S, NCHQ, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, together with representatives from across industry, discussed topics related to the Maritime Mission System Enterprise, including out briefs from technical and commercial working groups.

At its core, the MMS-EB contributes towards the Royal Navy being able to secure operational advantage. The board’s aim is to create the conditions across the enterprise to sustain and deliver new capabilities with pace and agility, to ensure the front line has access to the latest capability, making it unpredictable and lethal to an adversary.

The MMS-EB’s activities are a combination of communication, information dissemination, and working collaboratively at pace to drive the development and delivery of maritime mission system capabilities across the Royal Navy. Agile working is a key focus for the board, alongside the introduction and implementation of new technologies, new ways of working, and new operational concepts. This includes development of commercial models that allow the Royal Navy to benefit from industry innovation and expertise.  Several themes underpin the work of the MMS-EB such as openness, standardisation, modularity, adaptability, interoperability, security, safety, autonomy, survivability, and experimentation.

As part of the visit, the Maritime Mission Systems Enterprise Board received a tour of our recently refurbished manufacturing site, which included a demonstration of our pedigree Torpedo Launcher System product and Ancilia, SEA’s latest countermeasures offering as recently contracted for the Electronic Warfare Countermeasures Increment 1a (EWCM 1a) programme.

Richard Flitton, SEA Managing Director said: “It was a pleasure to host the Maritime Mission Systems Enterprise Board at our manufacturing facility in Barnstaple. The MMS-EB work proactively and collaboratively towards the goal of ensuring that Maritime Mission Systems of the future have an emphasis on versatility, modularity, security and a system of systems approach for greater operational effectiveness, and SEA is incredibly proud to be part of this board.”