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SEA Contracts RFPinc to Support Delivery of Communications Systems for New Zealand ANZAC Frigates

Following the announcement that SEA has been awarded a £26m contract to build Communications Systems for two New Zealand ANZAC Frigates, SEA has awarded a contract to RF Products, inc. (RFPinc) to deliver the Multi-Mode, Multi-Band RF Distribution System for the communication system upgrade.

RFPinc has been in business with the New Zealand Navy since 1991 and has over 100 years of experience in RF Tuning. The Camden, New Jersey based company will be providing their VHF/UHF Multi-Mode, Multi-Band RF Distribution System to support the bespoke SEA system’s open architecture. Their award-winning system will allow FSC radio system operators to adapt platform external communications more easily to changes in mission focus.

Frank Arlotta (RFPinc’s Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and System Engineering) said: “We are excited about the FSC contract because it continues to prove that RFPinc’s M3B RFD building-block design is useable across different ship classes, whilst using the same part number boxes in different combinations for different M3B RFD architectures. RFPinc’s M3B RFD equipment is installed on 4 different ship classes across the Australian and New Zealand Navies. Although the 4 ships classes each have a different architecture, they use many of the same part number boxes. This minimizes both Navies’ fleetwide production, logistics and training costs. Both Navies will see a more significant return on their investment in modern radios through increased and improved mission communications interoperability. RFPinc looks forward to extending these benefits across more ship classes in both Navies.”

The bespoke SEA system has been designed to reduce through life costs and associated maintenance of the frigate’s new communication capability. The flexible, modular system will enable the Navy to integrate equipment, including cryptos and radios, regardless of the manufacturer or supplier.
The system’s open architecture will also meet interoperability requirements, allowing the Royal New Zealand Navy to communicate with partner navies and, in turn, support missions with friendly countries such as neighbouring Australia.

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